Top Five Ways To Have An Excellent Flight

We all dread having a stressful flight. Whether it’s that you’ll experience long delays, unexpected cancellations, uncomfortable seats, long security checks, turbulence and not making it to the flight in time, as well as the possibility of jet lag the list goes on.

Getting to your destination and having a long story to tell from the horrid experience can be daunting. Your best chance of experiencing a flawless flight comes with preparation. Here are 5 ways to help you prepare and quell your fears to make the experience pleasant and get through the airport stress free;

Research and Plan Ahead

Booking as far in advance as possible will give you a better chance of getting the lowest fares and best deals. With platforms like, you can get the best prices, compare fares and have a 24/7 helpline for any inquiries and assistance. You can also track the prices for a while before making a booking.

Pick the most appropriate time of the day for your flight after careful consideration. To avoid delays, it is recommended to go for the earliest flight possible on a short flight, which can have knock on effect on flights throughout the day.

For flights long haul east, you can take an overnight flight, as you are more likely to sleep then arrive at your destination in the morning and for flights west you can travel in the morning and stay awake.

Research about how far gates are at new airports and are and know how much time you need to get to the gate. Arrive at the airport with plenty of time to spare to avoid any anxieties. Have your laptop and toiletry bag out, belt and jewelry off

Pick the best seat

If you are flying economy, a good seat is bound to make the experience more comfortable. With apps like Seat Guru, Seat Alerts you are able to choose the best seat.

Most people prefer not to seat next to the toilet. Whether you want an isle or window seat you would have to book this ahead.

Pack Well and Light

Make the most of the carry on cabin to keep your lightweight carry on suitcase that is easy to carry with all your essentials. You will have a more pleasant experience if you only check in luggage you absolutely need.

Make good use of packing cubes, which can fit a good amount of clothes and save space in your suitcase. A good idea is to use different colors if you are packing for two or with children.

Pack In-Flight Necessities

Make the most of your economy-seat, by packing some in-flight life savers. These may include your laptop with a lineup of series and movies, a good book and hand sanitizer. For better sleep don’t forget to bring your ear plugs, eye mask and an extra blanket.

Hydration is essential if you are flying long-haul, so bring an empty bottle that you can fill in the plane. For delicious flavored water, cut a slice of fresh lemon into your empty water bottle.

Fight jet lag

Fight jet lag as soon as you get on the plane by setting your watch to the time of your destination. You can also adjust your sleeping habits a few days before you travel to get in sync with the time of your destination. This will enable you to sleep and eat according to this time.

Increase your water intake in the days prior to the flight, eat lightly and try to avoid the alcohol.

When flying economy, if you cannot sleep properly, take a few naps and try to include stretch breaks throughout the flight. This should help you arrive at your destination ready to explore.

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