How To Acquire Travel Insurance In Uganda

Are you about to book a trip and pay the deposit, but need to select a travel insurance policy? Travel insurance is advisable for Ugandans traveling out of the country and non-Ugandans traveling in to the country.

When planning your trip, it’s more fun to plan the fun details like sightseeing tours, cheap airline tickets and good accommodation as the most crucial items on your holiday but travel insurance should not be overlooked!

Travel Insurance protects you from losses resulting from a variety of situations, including trip cancellation, loss of baggage, medical emergencies and other unforeseen circumstances.

We don’t like to think of any disasters like accidents, medical complications or other scenarios hence travel insurance becomes an important part of risk management during your travels.

Lugendo offers our clients travel insurance advice, customized travel insurance packages/ plans to help clients find policies for their trips around the world. You can buy, extend your policy making use of our 24hour customer service helpline.

Tips When Choosing Your Insurance:

  1. There are different policies for different travelers or people on a safari such as, single safari, annual, backpacker, primate watcher or any other specialty travel insurance policy. We also recommend comprehensive travel insurance to cover theft, loss and medical problems.
  2. It’s important to book your insurance after reserving a safari which covers your cancellation costs. Take note of the insurer’s terms before. Read the fine print, as some policies specifically exclude dangerous activities like wind surfing, helicopter flights, motorcycling, skiing and even trekking. This can help you to plan and have a low cost insurance which is effective.
  3. Does the policy cover ambulances or an emergency flight home?
  4. Find out in advance if your insurance plan will make payments directly to providers or reimburse you later for overseas health expenditures.
  5. If you have to claim later, make sure you keep all documentation.
  6. Paying for your airline ticket with a credit card often provides limited travel accident insurance – ask your credit card company what it is prepared to cover.

Lugendo can help you tailor an insurance plan to suit your travels around Uganda. Here are the types of travel insurance and how to acquire travel insurance in Uganda;

Trip Cancellation:

This is the most common type of insurance that travelers acquire and many tour operators demand that a deposit be made before a trip or safari to African countries like Uganda. This may include airfare, hotel bookings in Uganda or gorilla permits acquisition. This type of insurance covers non-refundable payments or deposits in case a trip is cancelled or interrupted due to circumstances beyond your control.

Safari/ Trip Delay: incase a safari to tour is delayed, this insurance covers for that.


Accident, Sickness or Medical Expenses: While on Safari in Uganda, any health condition is likely to occur, this insurance covers sickness, injury and any other illness while on trip.

Medical Evacuation: This one covers transportation when there is an emergency related to health requiring transportation to a hospital or medical Centre.

Baggage or Personal Effects Loss: Property can disappear while on safari, on can be damaged or delayed during a tour. This type of insurance covers that.

To help guide you when picking up a travel insurance plan, here is what every insurance plan should cover;

  • Baggage and Property-this clause is common for all travel insurance plans and covers claims on property of lost or stolen. The maximum amount covered in claims payable differs according to the value attached on property and possessions
  • Medical Assistance and Evacuation-this covers all kinds of medical assistance taken in transporting injured persons to the hospitals by either road, air ambulance or sea rescue. Evacuation costs often include many expenses made while transporting the injured persons from one hospital to another where medication & treatment is lacking for some places. Particulars of such packages are included in the medical insurance plans
  • Emergency Medical Treatment- Since you are travelling to a new world, there are few risk on contracting disease and infections. This package caters for emergency medical attention and treatment from hospitals abroad. Nevertheless, coverage is limited and any expenses that may exceed the agreed amount should be communicated to the insurer for authorization.
  • Trip cancellation and any interruptions are major risks to holiday arrangements. This package in an insurance plan caters for any losses incurred by travelers in case of situations like flight cancellation and delays. Some of the details in such plans include refunds on cancelled trips or trips that have been cut short due to urgent needs to address in the home country.

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