Destination of the week: Netherlands

This week, we take you to Netherlands!

Netherlands’ capital Amsterdam has a deep history, gorgeous architecture, fun culture, with an easy-to-navigate design. This makes it a must-see for travelers with all kinds of interests and you can be cycling the streets of Amsterdam for much less than you think if you book your airfare with Lugendo now.

The oldest city in Netherlands is Nijmegen, from the Roman times. Over the years, the Dutch have been occupied by the Spanish, the Austrians, the French and the Germans.

Another unique and less explored city in the Netherlands is Rotterdam that was destroyed during WWII. Rotterdam is charming, raw, futuristic and innovative. It is completely different from Amsterdam, however, like Amsterdam, Rotterdam has a variety of hotspots with a vibrant nightlife.

From its modern skyline to the Netherland’s first indoor food market called Markthal, the city is constantly booming with interesting approaches to design and community. It is surrounded by water and was the world’s busiest port between 1962 and 2004.

Whichever city you decide to explore, these are some experiences you have to try whilst in the Netherlands;

  • Grab a bike. Explore the city by cycling, to fit in with the locals who spend most of their journeys on bikes.
  • Eat out and socialize. The Café Culture is another must, where most serve food and snacks. Cafes here are a great way to socialize.
  • Explore the art & architectural scene. Amsterdam offers world-renowned museums, historical monuments and countless gorgeous canals. Appreciate work by Dutch Masters like Rembrandt, Vermeer, Van Gogh, and MC Escher who have their work displayed in the museums.
  • Gorgeous landscapes. Walk through fields of tulips, and admire Netherlands’ iconic landscapes.

Which city would you like to explore? With Lugendo you can book your airfare today and start exploring Netherlands.

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